<b>Protect The Axolotl</b> - The Lotllove cause is here to protect the endangered one and only Axolotl. <b>Raise Awareness</b> - To help bring these incredible animals the help they need to survive <b>Lotls for Littles</b> - Check out our program dedicated to bringing a child a new friend! <b>Donate </b> - Every little bit helps; by donating you not only show support to the organization, but also the breeders and keepers who work to save the Axolotls.

Welcome to Lotllove

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization, (pending), dedicated to raising awareness of critically endangered Axolotls, a type of neotenic salamander native to Mexico.

The species has been listed by CITES as endangered and IUCN Red List as critically endangered.

Don’t let the Axolotls be just another legend like the dinosaurs! As awareness can be difficult to promote univerally or even locally, we would like to ask your help in saving the Axolotls from extinction. This can be through promotion, Lotls for Littles, or having your very own axolotl!

    Here at Lotllove, we are dedicated to bring forth a new community- a community dedicated to […]

    Lotls for Littles was created to give the gift of a friend and pet to children […]



    While our store is currently in progress, you will be able to find all types of […]



    Would you like to contribute towards the Lotllove cause? Your donations will go towards funding our […]


Donate what you can

Your tax-free donation helps us provide for axolotls & the LotlsforLittles program.

What is an Axolotl?

Read our Fact Sheet! See why we love and adore the incredible, one and only Axolotl!


Our store is currently in progress. Please check back for updates or subscribe to our site newsletter for more information.

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